Amazingly Strong – Mighty Wallets

Drop your old leather wallet! Join the new revolution in men’s wallets and women’s wallets and experience the best thin wallet you will ever own.

Introducing the Mighty Wallet
This super thin wallet is made from the same material used to make express mail envelopes. This water-resistant, stain-resistant and tear-resistant wallet comes in 28 graphics, including our famous air mail wallet, making them the best wallet choice for cool wallet designs, and great gift idea for men and women alike.

Revolutionary Design
One of the secrets to the strength of the Mighty Wallet is that it has a folded design that eliminates stitching which is where most leather front pocket wallets fail. The super strong microfiber (Tyvek) material is made of thousands of plastic fibers (50 times thinner than a human hair). Most thin fold wallets don’t have the structural strength of the Mighty Wallet. When you go out to buy cool wallets today there are none better than the Mighty Wallet, the affordable designer wallet. or more affordable designer wallet than the Mighty Wallet. It is simply the best wallet to come along in years.

Revolutionary Features
Most front pocket wallets limit the amount of cards or cash that you can carry with you, but the Mighty Wallet is the only thin bifold wallet that actually adapts to meet your own personal storage needs. The secret again is the folded wallet design. As you stuff your new slim wallet it will gradually expand as needed. The Mighty Wallet is the first one-size-fits-all front pocket wallet ever designed.

The Mighty Wallet is not a magic wallet but it has a lot of magical properties demonstrated in a series of viral videos on YouTube. We’ve even suspended our Director of Sales from the ceiling from one very thin wallet. The amazing durability is witnessed by ton’s of satisfied customers that write in to us every day. The mighty wallet is a cool wallet and an affordable wallet that is the ecological answer to common leather wallets.

The amazing ecological properties of the Mighty Wallet out perform leather wallets, duct tape wallets, and even thin nylon wallets. The ecological aspects of the Mighty Wallet go beyond any other thin wallet on the market including our low energy production capacity, low energy requirements for transport, environmentally friendly inks, recycled and recyclable packaging and the fact that the Mighty Wallet is 100% recyclable with 25% recycled content makes it the most innovative ecological wallet on the market.

Economical Design
Great design for a great price. At Dynomighty we strive to give our customers the best price for the best wallet on the market. What is the purpose of good design if no one can afford it? That is why our very thin wallet is very big on value. For only $15.00 the Mighty Wallet makes a great gift for men, a great gift for women and a great gift idea for any occasion.

We believe so strongly in this revolutionary design in thin wallets that we’ve even made our own “tyvek wallet how to” video. That’s right we’ve shared with those who can’t afford a mighty wallet how to make a tyvek wallet of their own, starting a whole grass roots movement in DIY tyvek wallet design. The appreciation and respect we have garnered amongst consumers has come back to us many fold with new customers and new innovative ideas and applications for Tyvek.

Affordable Shipping
In a further effort to provide the best wallet at the best price we now offer a “Free Shipping” option to US customers. By choosing our Free Shipping option for delivery you can ship your item for free at with First Class mail from the USPS (be sure to add insurance in case of loss or damage in the mail). Live outside the USA? We are distributed in over 30 countries around the world, go to our store locator page and find the distributor nearest you.

Features & specs:

* Tear resistant, water resistant, stain resistant
* 2 pockets for cash and receipts
* 2 outside pockets for business cards, gift cards, etc
* 2 inner credit card pockets (holds 16+ cards)
* Extremely slim, but expands with use
* Made from 25% recycled content, 100% recyclable
* Dimensions: 3.25″ tall x 4″ wide (folded) – 8″ wide unfolded