Best EDC Minimalist Wallet: Flipside 4

Review of the Flipside 4 Wallet.

Flipside ® 4 Wallet Features:

RFID Blocking: Two main card slots prevent RFID scanning of your credit/debit cards using aircraft grade aluminum alloy

Extensive New Structural Reinforcements: Nearly every component has been strengthened to drastically improve durability

Crush Resistant Design: Prevents your cards from being bent or cracked

Classic “Flip Over” Organization: Automatically flips open and lets you flip between cash and cards easily and intuitively

Easiest Button Ever: New button design is extremely easy to operate in any situation–just push it down to flip the wallet open

Completely Redesigned Hinges: Substantially stronger middle panel and shell hinges that are built to endure abuse

Deeper Scratch Resistant Texture: A new deeper texture on all parts inside and out give the wallet a much higher quality look and feel that you will notice immediately

Backwards Compatible With All Attachments: The Flipside® 4 Wallet is compatible with all present and past clip attachments (current and previous gen FlipsideKick™ attachments, Flipside Stow™, Flipside® 3X all purpose clip, Flipside® 2X T-clip)

Double Grip Card Slots: Each card slot in the wallet now has twice as much grip to secure cards even better

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