DIY Cute Jeans Bag Purse In 10 Minutes – How To Make Phone Case No Sew – Old Jeans Crafts Ideas

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My goal is to create simple step-by-step instructions for recycling various materials and creating useful and unique things for myself and my loved ones.

Best out of waste!
This is very simple #diy project #recyclejeans from #ninasideas for beginners – how to recycle jeans into a bag fast and easy.
In this video I will show you how to make fashion small festival bag, phone case, make up bag, crossbody with pocket, denim shoulder purse with handle, sling bag, make up bag or anything else you like out of old jeans. This cute denim bag is made from old jeans in 10 minutes.

This is easy step-by-step tutorial #diy for old jeans crafts ideas – how to recycle jeans into small bag crossbody. All you will need is old jeans (denim), glue, velcro and cord.

You can sew instead of gluing, but I find hot gluing pretty cool. It is fast and lasts long on jeans and felt.

The denim purse bag is a very comfy bag.
You can use this homemade jeans bag purse for anything – for school supplies, phone case, wallet, make up (cosmetic) bag, glasses case.


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