Diy Wallet Chain!

Hey! Guys I hope you enjoy this video on how to make a wallet chain it’s so easy and you can switch up things so easy to make it cuter like adding hoops:) I sell these on my depop If you’d rather just purchase them! Haha my depop is @jordannross

List of materials-
•Chain 18” from hobby lobby $5.99 gets you a yard which is enough for two chains:))
(you can use any chain you want and use pliers to open them, I’ve used chain from cheap thrifted purses chain from old necklaces to make it extra cheap)

•hooks or clasps
(I got mine from hobby lobby but they sell them at Walmart their on sale for 1.50 every other week at hobby lol their standard price is $3 and they come with a few of them in the package)

•small metal hoops
(I got these from hobby lobby as well where they are on sale every other week for 1.50 for the whole package of like 30 their about half inch in size.

My instagram – @jordann.ross
My depop – @jordannross

Song- exit the premises by Kevin Macleod

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