POWERFUL Magnet!!!, BALLISTIC Nylon & CARBON Fiber – BEST RFID Minimalist Wallet – FIDELO Wallet

Features & Specs! The FIDELO Wallet – HYBRID Cardslide Slim Wallet with Removable Nylon/Leather Case & Powerful Magnetic Money Clip.

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【 CORDURA BALLISTIC NYLON & CRAZY HORSE LEATHER CASE 】The Nylon: Heavy-duty weave offering enhanced tear & abrasion resistance. The Leather: Top-quality, wax treated & water-resistant. Rich multi-hued color tones develop from daily handling, scuffs & scratches, creating a unique “one-of-a-kind” vintage look.

【 DITCH THAT BULKY, BACK BREAKING WALLET 】Upgrade your edc gear with our versatile hybrid slim wallets for men. Crafted to be lightweight & compact; genuine 3K carbon fiber wallet (up to 7 smooth cards & 10 bills / 1.3 oz / 4.3 x 2.6 x 0.32 inches), removable case (up to 2 cards & 25 bills / 3 oz / 4.3 x 2.9 x 0.75 inches). Access your essentials in seconds, and look dang good doing it.

【 YOU’LL LOVE THE HYBRID 3 PIECE DESIGN 】This mens minimalist wallet is modular; meaning you can use the carbon fiber wallet chamber on its own, wallet chamber and cash band, or chamber plus removable crazy horse leather case with magnetic money clip; options, baby, you got options.

【 WALLETS THAT JAM…CAN YOU IMAGINE? 】If you’ve used another mechanical credit card wallet for men you’ve run into this issue; Not with this bad boy; We use premium metal with a smooth eject pop up feature; Grab any of your cards with the flip of a finger.

【 THIEVES WILL COME UP EMPTY HANDED 】We use state of the art RFID Blocking Technology on our front pocket wallets for men; This compact wallet for men effectively blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies (debit/credit cards); Keep your valuables organized, accessible, & safe!

【 FORGED BY THE WALLET GODS & BACKED FOR LIFE 】Even though every FIDELO thin mens wallet is “Overbuilt” to last, we get it…Stuff Happens! If it ever malfunctions, melts while you run into a burning building to save the day, gets run-over by a car, chewed-up by the dog, or your kid throws it in the toaster; don’t sweat it, send us a picture and we’ll cover you with our No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty.

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