The Best EDC Minimalist Wallet? | Herschel Raven Wallet Review

In the past two years minimalism, a type of lifestyle, has exploded in popularity with creatures like mat d velia tripling his subscriber count in less then a year. With that the concept of a minimal wallet has exponentially grown in popularity. The market on Amazon has inevitably exploded in popularity making it quite challenging to pick from all the wider variety of options.

When i was searching for a wallet there were the three usual things that were very important to me, Functionality, Quality, and Styling. To achieve functionality I needed the wallet to be thin and fit comfortably in my pants while still being able to carry all my cards and some cash. In quality I was looking for a wallet that would be built to last as I’ve had wallets fall apart over time from constantly being taken in and out of a wallet. Finally, in styling, the wallet needed to look nice and remain functional, and as simple as that may sound it can actually be quite challenging when some wallets are borderline obnoxiously small. And after trying a few different options I settled on the Herschel Raven wallet.

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